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Apply These 5 Secret Techniques to Get Your Local Business Ranking on Top of Google SERP’s

Do you have a local business that’s not making the profit or revenue it deserves yet? Would you like to gain a lot of traffic and expand your brand online?

These are the most common things that you need to go online to bring in your small or local business. While most of the searches are online, it’s mandatory to list your local business on Google or any other search engines so, that people’s can find your local business.

According to stats, more than 82% of the Smartphone users do an online search to find a local business of their choice.

So, you need to have an optimized local business website that can rank on top of the Google search engine results page. While this doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time & effort, and possibly easiest ways to rank on top of Google SERP’s.

Here are some of the five secret techniques that we at BOOSTrust Company used to tank fast and on top of the search engine results page.

1. Steal Your Competitor’s Best Keywords

Your competitors have websites that rank above you and attracts a lot of traffic with particular types of keywords. These keywords are relevant to their niche and based on their location.

You can easily search for your competitor’s doing a quick Google search, find out the keywords they are ranking for and use these keywords to create content on your website.

This is a competitor’s keyword research where you can get most keyword ideas by viewing the HTML source code page of a website, going to the landing page to Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool, or using SEO tools like SpyFu, SEMRush, etc.

Choose the top keywords and create content that targets the keywords to get maximum traffic on your website. Always focus on creating high-quality content better than your competitor’s.

2. Optimize Your Google Places Page

Most of the people look for certain places while searching on Google for your business name, address, phone number (NAP) listed on the Internet, etc.

You can get your local business listed on search engines to improve the rankings as well as gain more traffic on your website.

There are several ways to optimize your Google places page for your local business. Setup your Google My Business account and register your local business. Second, include NAP (business name, address & phone number) on your website pages. Thirdly, share or embed Google map and finally get reviews for your local business.

It is good for SEO and also helps your potential clients to see your business location visually, find your contact details and quickly find directions to your location.

3. Make Your Website Mobile-friendly

With more than 82% of mobile users doing online searches rather than desktops, so creating a mobile-friendly website for your local business can be very effective.

Google’s latest algorithm updates are mobile-first indexing where you also have to prepare your website for mobile indexing, make sure your site is mobile SEO optimized, and create content for mobile viewing also.

A responsive design website is very effective that can provide a great experience for both mobile and desktop users. Resize the images, use CSS & HTML to resize, move the content, etc.

Secondly, use mobile-specific keywords by doing mobile keyword research for your business location. It increases the visibility of your website on, and more people will find your business.

Thirdly, optimize your site for mobile SEO using tools like keyword optimization, SEO performance, analytics, site speed & performance, and much more.


4) Add Your Location to the URL

Google always prefer domains that include location names in the URL and ranks higher the local pages for any online searches.

You can add location to your website URL if yours is a local business with a physical location in a particular city or multiple cities. Or you can add location to a particular page on your website offering service or product.

Be careful when you are adding location to your website URLs, as it could potentially hurt your rankings. But for local search relevance, you can use any city or state name in your website URL.

Although URL’s contains keywords, you can also use geographical keywords to gain more traffic and more visibility.

5) Create high-quality and Long-form Contents

High-quality and long-form contents are crucial to increasing rankings, drive-in search engine traffic and also encouraging a better conversion rate for your local business.

Length has been a great factor and with longer the content with 3000-10000 words, the more shares it gets and attracts more visitors to your website.

Always choose the right format for creating high-quality & long-form content that may be an article, blog, infographics, quizzes, e-books, etc. Brainstorm new ideas for a content topic or use various content ideas generating tool to start writing long-form content.

Lengthy contents with long-tail keywords get more traffic, links and also most number of shares over the Internet.


If yours is a local business, then it is recommended using local SEO with regular on-page and off-page optimization. Because it not only boosts your website rankings but also increases traffic from a particular geographical location. Consider BOOSTrust a New Jersey-based SEO agency that can work for your local business, from creating a responsive website to generating business leads everything.

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