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Demand Generation Marketing

Demand generation marketing is the accumulation of techniques and strategies that are utilized for creating a qualified sales opportunity. Demand generation marketing B2B can help you draw in new clients, take advantage of new markets, promote products or services, and re-connect with your old customers. The goal of demand generation marketing for any business is branding, positioning, creating interest and change the perspectives and build trust in the marketplace.

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In this digital age, demand generation marketing has a major role to play for B2B marketers that help them to generate more leads and continue the sales process. It builds a long-term relationship between sales, marketing and your prospective customers that are accomplished in different marketing ways.

Demand generation marketing goal is to create demand for your business products or services, build and nurture high-quality leads by various marketing ways i.e. ebook campaign, to create a newsletter for blog subscribers, an event, social media, PPC advertising or a webinar sponsored by any company.

Demand Generation Marketing Helps Your Organization:-

  • Reach new target markets
  • Promote a product and develop PPC advertising strategies
  • Create a buzz with your consumers
  • Generate positive PR for your business
  • Re-engage old customers
  • Leverage both inbound and outbound marketing strategy
  • Generate traffic and leads for businesses

Demand generation marketing strategy by incorporating different channels to drive qualified leads to your business.

Adapting a demand generation marketing strategy begins with creating a buyer persona by knowing the target audience, their interests, pain points, solving their issues, giving free offers and takeaways, etc. The whole process is to watch and understand your buyer’s journey all the way through a sales funnel.

Here are some effective strategies that can be implemented by you for Demand Generation.

1) Provide free resources to your audiences

It is the first stage of the demand generation process that increases trust between your customer and brand by offering valued tools or resources.

Creating free offers of your products and services, free trials, sending weekly newsletters, promotional campaigns and relevant contents are the best options for capturing your audience attention as well as generating demands.

2) Automated marketing software

Choosing a right automated marketing platform helps you engage and convert the qualified prospects to happy customers.

E-mails, social media and other website actions help you automate the buying process, manage and optimize your efforts. There are several automated marketing platforms like Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot, etc., that helps improve your marketing accountability, build and engage customer relationships.

3) Use Facebook lookalike audiences

Lookalike audiences on Facebook are the most effective demand generation strategy that helps you reach new customers by ads targeting.

Research and gather information about client interests in your products, services, content based on demographic or behavioral targeting. Then, upload custom audiences using the data and create lookalike audiences. You can even select the audience size and create adverts to target the audience.

4) Remarketing and Retargeting

Remarketing or also known as ad retargeting can also be implemented in your demand generation marketing strategy to create brand awareness and increase conversion rates.

Google AdWords and Facebook adverts are the most popular ways for display remarketing that used for displaying ads to the targeted customers. Create display ads, banners, pop-up, and content ads including text, images, videos, graphics, etc.

5) Create a lead scoring system

The lead scoring system helps you focus on the sales opportunities and identify new prospects that shown interests in your products.

Identify your interested customer through email opens, email clicks, email replies, social media shares, web page visits, downloads, free trials, etc. You can use various marketing automation tools for automatic lead alerts, or route leads to sales.


For an effective demand generation marketing strategy, B2B marketers need tools and resources that help them to take a right decision. Demand generation is a long-term strategic concept for any small, medium or large size business to drive awareness and interests in your products and services.

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