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Landing Page Optimization

A landing page is any web page or a targeted page where a visitor first lands by clicking an ad button. The advertisements that connect to a landing page can be a PPC ad, display ad or any other type of online ads where the visitors are allowed to perform specific conversion goal on your website.

The primary purpose of creating a landing page is to capture your visitor’s attention by providing free eBooks download, free trials products, sign-up, whitepapers, etc. It helps you collect leads and convert sales. A landing page created for an advertising campaign, will drive-in traffic to the web page on your site and provide the right information according to their interest to fill out a form and become a new lead.

A landing page must consist of

  • Clear heading with an offer to convince your visitors
  • Benefits or features of a product
  • CTA (call to action) button with a form
  • Image or video describing your product or service
  • Lead capture form to collect your visitor information

Creating a landing page doesn’t get you conversions, you need to promote the page, drive-in traffic on your website and follow up the process. You can promote the landing pages on various paid media (social media, PPC, Adwords) and free promotion (guest blogging, email campaigns, and other tools) finding your target market.

Landing pages advertising by PPC (Pay per click) marketing strategy PPC or Pay per click is a type of paid advertisement in which an advertiser pays each time when the ad clicked over the Internet. The primary and relevant keywords must be used in your PPC ad headline, your keyword groups and on your landing page to target a specific audience.

Google AdWords is the most used PPC advertising system in the world which enables the businesses to create ads that appear on Google’s search engine results.

PPC marketing can work for almost all types of business for selling products and services, generating leads, building brand awareness, or even drive-in traffic to your website and phone calls to your online store.

Benefits of targeted landing page for your PPC campaign

  • Drive-in traffic and qualified leads to your website
  • Expand your website online visibility
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Provide low-risk testing for keywords
  • Provides better metrics for adjustments in landing pages

PPC marketing strategy for landing page promotion:</3>

1) Competitor’s research

Identify the products, ad formats, landing pages and offers that your competitors are using. Get alternate keyword ideas, analyze the ads and also the Google Adwords features your competitor are best to capturing the leads.

2) Keyword Research

Searching for a relevant, long-tail and cost-effective keywords that help you gain traffic to the website. Refine and extend your campaigns, where the keywords can be reuse in your landing pages. Less competitive and less expensive long-tail keywords are more helpful for increasing conversions.

3) PPC campaign management

Before creating a PPC campaign, you should have knowledge of your business, products or services and the target audience. Set up Adwords account and maximum CPA (cost per action) targets for ad campaign.

  • Choose the network and location
  • Create a bid strategy
  • Set and adjust budget
  • Split-up your ad groups
  • Always add site links, extensions, ad scheduler, etc.

4) Write compelling ad copy or landing page

  • Should be informative and engaging
  • Includes an explicit call to action
  • Includes PPC keyword
  • Update the contents and CTA buttons
  • Optimize the landing pages

5) Launch your first PPC campaign

After the PPC campaign creation, you can create ad groups including the ads and keywords. Then run an ad campaign and according to demand adjust the bids, research for new keywords, and repeat the process.


The message in your landing page should be relevant to your PPC advertisement that helps improve conversion rates. That is on account of it makes an incredible initial introduction and motivates individuals to act. The more you can actualize the tips above into your PPC promotions and points of arrival, the better your campaigns will be. If you feel that you need more professional guidance and support, consider BOOSTrust NJ, for marketing your business online.

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