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Quick Ways to Check: Why Your Website has High Bounce Rate

Is your website facing a high bounce rate? Before going deep into the post, the question is “what does bounce rate mean”. Practically answering, bounce rate is an important factor and a common issue regarding web design.  The bounce rate in Google Analytics determines…

5 Web Design Trends for 2020 : That Could Help Your Website Attract, Engage, Convert, & Retain Customers

Everything around us is improvising. Whether it might be fashion, personal skills, talents or way of thinking, we are trying to accommodate according to what’s in trend.  And why shouldn’t we? Being trendy implicates that we are ready for a fresh, stylish and an…

How to Convert Website Into Android App | BOOSTrust

In today’s fast pacing world people have neither the patience nor the idea to visit a website for the problems and requirements. They simply use their mobile apps in time of need. People are normally attracted to things that are easily accessible, simple to…

Best Free Web Hosting Sites For WordPress in 2020 | BOOSTrust

Ever heard of free web hosting? I know who hasn’t? They are all the rage now in the business world.  Some people use free web hosting for trials and their free advantages while for some people it’s an absolute money-saving agenda, especially for beginners. …

Top 10 Customizable Website Builders For Small Business

People with small business often have a tight budget. In such cases website builders can be a godsend.  Small businesses such as musician, bloggers, wedding planners, starting entrepreneurs and more, often cannot hire a developer as they can be quite costly.  For such people…

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