Top 4 Reasons Why You Need Live Chat for Your Business Website!

Great customer experience makes it easy for the customers to get their problem solved quickly and made a good impression while communicating with them. Most of the companies that deliver great customer support see an increase in customer loyalty, which converts leads to higher sales.

With available customer support channels like phone, e-mail, social, etc., is helpful but can’t have a big impact on your business or your potential customers.

You must be aware of Live chat if you are not then let me tell you it is one of the most dynamic ways to communicate with your customers. Turn every interaction into a memorable experience with visitors on your website using Live Chat and build better relationships.

In the year 2017, many B2B companies are using live chat on their websites that not only convert leads into customers but also helps them solve their problems.

Live chat tool benefits not only the customers but also businesses that can increase sales, boost revenue and collect valuable consumer insights.

 Here are four reasons why you need live chat for your business.

  • Responding Faster to a Lead or Potential Customer

Integrating live chat onto your website you can capture more potential leads by responding faster to their chats. Each visitor to your website should get an instant response about any products or services.

Drift is marketing, and sales platform found that there is a 10x decrease in lead conversion for businesses that go without a response in five minutes. Making your customers wait without any response for 15 minutes or more, you will lose all your potential leads.

Most of the visitors on your website don’t like waiting and want instant answers to their queries or problems. And if you delay responding then they will go to other websites increasing your bounce rate.

You can set up pre-formatted responses on your Live Chat tool for the most common questions from your visitors. Or you can set up shortcodes to access a canned response that works even faster. This saves your time and money with better results.

  • Mitigate Customer Service Agents  with Bots

Bots are really a powerful evolution in this digital age as it can conduct various automatic tasks and easily communicate with your clients. Using bot engine, you can get your very own chat bot for live chat on your website.

The chatbot gives your agents more time to work on other things; it works after-hours and can take multiple chats at the same time and answer all of them. It helps keep your customers engaged by responding instantly.

All chats from the customers will go to the bot first, and if it can’t handle them, it will transfer to the chat agents for better response. Almost everyone is using bots on their live chat tool that offer easy solutions to your customer’s problems.

  • Get more Customer Insights

Live chat provides valuable data about your customer behavior, location, and the devices that help target your marketing and service efforts.

Most of the visitors leave your website due to bad support or not getting a proper answer about any product or services. But you can still get their data by using triggers or alerts to evaluate and offer suggestions for improving your customer service.

The ultimate goal for any business is to get to know the customers as people, not as buyers. And offering seamless online chat support helps to know your customers and their interest in your product.

  • Expand Your Market Research

Live chat can help you expand your marketing opportunities by pushing targeted incentives and offers to your visitors. More than 79% of customers said that they prefer live chat because to get their questions answered quickly.

Many eCommerce websites have now added live chat service to provide a help desk to their customers, and answers in real time without making them wait for hours.

You can properly train and equip your live chat agents providing them the knowledge about your products and services. This helps to upsell or provides more information to the customers while making any purchase decisions.

Live chat also lets you expand your market reach in different areas, getting customers in any locality and region. This makes possible to gain more customers, more sales, more impressions, and more conversion rates for your business.


There are many live chat platforms available with lots of features that fit your business goals and objectives. Live chat is one of the best tools you should implement on your website today as it is far much better than phone calls, e-mails, etc. If you want a live chat that converts leads and increases sales, then BOOSTrust offers free live chat setup on your website.




How to Master the Art of Digital Marketing for Your Small Business?

Digital marketing has become a major priority, and a must-have for many small businesses nowadays. It helps your business to get recognition, position and also attract more & more clients through a digital platform.

The main reason behind every small business choose to depend on digital marketing solutions is due to its low-budget. As we all know maintaining a physical marketing or advertising campaign can be time-consuming as well as expensive.

Small businesses always look for inexpensive and cost-effective ways of making their online presence. And therefore Digital marketing solutions fit into their requirements and business objectives. It helps to improve their websites creation, social media presence, online advertisement, and marketing strategy.

Of course, not every digital marketing tool is the best for any small business. It’s not worthy on wasting money on an advertising campaign that doesn’t reflect your company’s values, products, or services.

The challenge for every small business is to stay up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends and then to choose the right tool to invest.

Here we’ll reveal three crucial marketing best practices to master the art of digital marketing for your small or startup business.

  •   Always Think Local First

Local search is very crucial for the small and medium-sized businesses to grow and expand in their community. More than 74% of online users perform local searches and 61% of local searches results in conversion.

As the local competition growing, if your website is not on top of the rankings then your competitors will be. By optimizing your websites on-page and off-page SEO, your customers can easily find your business by performing local searches.

  • Optimize title tags and meta descriptions including name of the city or area where your business located and a targeted keyword
  • Get your business listed correctly on popular online business directories like Google My Business, Yelp, Merchant Circle, City search and others.
  • Build trust and grow your business with online reviews or testimonials

Optimize Page Speed and Mobile Usability

Page speed is an important ranking factor for any website as the site that loads quicker will outrank a competing site. Page load time whether in desktop or mobile also affects the user experience in several ways you would expect.

With 60% of searches are conducted through mobile, so it’s must optimize your small business websites for mobile visitors. Fast loading pages and a mobile-friendly website improve user experience as well as more traffic. It’s an important part of your digital marketing strategy.

  • Elevate your server response time by choosing a quality web-hosting service, reducing resources, and improving web-server configuration
  • Minimize redirects to accelerate mobile page speed
  • Regularly test your website performance and usability using Google PageSpeed Insights or HTTP archive for mobile speed test.
  • Optimize & minify CSS and JS files perform by developer
  • Use various plugins and themes to get your job done
  • Track and Measure ROI

There are many digital marketing channels you can track and measure ROI on your digital investment. Like SEO, PPC, email marketing, content marketing, and blogging are some channels where you can measure your ROI for your small business.

On a basic level, measuring your ROI calculations let you know how your business is performing and allows you to come with a better marketing strategy. As you will doing advertisements on Facebook, LinkedIn, Adwords, Twitter, etc., it’s necessary to note the ROI for your marketing efforts.

  • Use Google Analytics, Adsense and Adwords to track conversions on your website
  • Create account on popular social media channels to analyze your conversions and engagement
  • Integrate Salesforce (CRM) platform to track customers online or offline from various sources
  • Track ROI using banner advertising or ad networks


A responsive design and optimization for mobile is the beginning of a successful website. Even social media are very budget-friendly especially for small businesses that can give you more profit with less investment. If you are looking to take your business online, then BOOSTrust digital marketing can help you achieve long-term results with effective marketing strategy.



Internet of Things (IoT) and Future of Digital Marketing

IoT (Internet of Things) is an advanced computerization and analytics system which exploits networking, sensing, big data, and artificial intelligence technology to deliver complete systems for a product or service. It involves digital connectivity between the things using wireless communication technology to connect people, locations, and smart devices, etc. to the Internet world for sharing data.
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5 Successful Lead Generation Strategies to Generate and Nurture Leads

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is an effective marketing process to capture the user’s interest in your business product or service and convert to sales. The first stage of the sales process for any business organization is to plan a lead generation strategythat works the best. A lead generation company or lead generation agency always ready to generate inbound qualified leads and nurture sales opportunities. As we are in digital age, now a day’s mobile friendly/responsive websites and digital marketing service have become the primary source to get customers.
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