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Chat on Website Services

It gives you an instant connection with your prospects and gives the right information at the right time to prompt them to buy your service or product so that they may not lose their interest or turn to your competitors.

Once a visitor requests information, he may become a prospect and ultimately a buyer. Generally customers will abandon an on-line transaction if they are not getting connected or their questions are not answered promptly. Make it sure that you are not missing any lead or prospect just because you are not reachable. Instant interaction is the key to getting more and more clients. The chat on website service enables you to engage the prospects without missing an opportunity to communicate with them and also to be time sensitive to their wants. It will also help create loyalty to your brand.

Chat Agents: You can manage chat on your own, leave our agents to handle it for you, or choose a hybrid option – you can handle it when you are available, and our team handle it when you are not able to attend to it. Either way it needs to be ensured that a visitor gets immediate attention, before he/she chooses to leave.

Live Chat Advantages

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  • Customer Information You will get more information regarding the visitors like their name, email, location, IP address etc. with your chat on website. You can use this information to get back to them.
  • Build Relationships Chat on website is to ensure that you are not missing any customer. You can collect transcriptions of all the conversations and send them to the relevant persons if necessary. You can review the chat history and provide personalized service.
  • Customization You can customize your chat box with appropriate images, texts and animations to match with your brand and also to make it more appealing to the visitors.
  • Track Results You can see the volume of chats 24×7×365 days and monitor visitors in real time. You can also identify top performers.
  • Enhance Sales A missed call means a missed customer. But a live web chat will help you turn your visitors into leads and customers because it is fast and more personal.

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