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Convert 3X More with These Top 5 Live Chat Softwares – See How!

Want to increase your conversion rates for your small business? Using Live chat software can help your business grow online and also make your customers satisfied.

Live chat software provides quick, on-demand customer support on your website to address your customer concerns and answer their questions. It allows you to monitor the visitor behavior, close sales and convert them into paying customers.

Live chat solution is configured to monitor your website visitor’s page views, identify and engage leads with targeted offers. It also helps businesses achieve a higher rate of customer satisfaction by providing a convenient medium where the customers can communicate with and reach out for support to the representatives when they need it.

With 92% customer satisfaction, live chat leads the way by surpassing other channels like phone, e-mail, and social media support. More than 63% of customers said they were more likely to return to a website that offers live chat.

But we are moving towards 2018, and there are dozens of live chat software available with numerous features and efficient for your business. Each Live Chat services has proven results and profited several clients in lead generation, sales and customer service.

In this post, we’ll go through some five of the most popular live chat solutions, which will help
you decide the best one for you and your business.

1) Comm100 Live Chat

Comm100 live chat is a simple, customizable and full-featured live chat solution that can be easily affordable for small sized businesses.

Comm100 live chat software includes tools to convert your website visitors into loyal customers with real-time visitor monitoring, salesforce & shopping cart integration, plugins for CMS and e-commerce systems.

Some of the main features of Comm100 live chat solutions are:-

  •  Can be set up on multiple websites
  •  Third-party Integrations and Plugins
  •  Automatic chat routing
  •  Pre-chat & post-chat survey
  •  Canned messages
  •  Simultaneous chat option
  •  24/7 live chat support, e-mail, phone, etc.
  •  Setup agents and departments




2) Intellogue Live WebChat
Intellogue live webchat a very good choice for the small businesses in New Jersey that is free and offers unlimited agents & department’s setup, proactive chats and much more.

The application is fully customizable and can handle high-volume of chats with its automatic chat routing feature. You can talk to your visitors in real-time directly from your website, respond to their problems quicker, collect buyer information, and increase sales.

  •  Completely free installation & setup
  •  Add multiple chat agents
  •  Handle multiple chats with auto-chat routing option
  •  Auto-capture e-mail IDs of your visitors
  •  Integrate with social media and other CMS
  •  Upsell and downsell options available
  •  Chat from your mobile or laptop
  •  24/7 chat, phone and e-mail support

3) BOOSTrust Live Chat
BOOSTrust live chat is an all-in-one live chat solution that includes everything to fit your business requirements. From customization to translation, using triggers BOOSTrust live chat is the best you can get for your small business.

It also integrates with social media networks and CMS applications like WordPress to connect with prospects and give them right service. You can setup BOOSTrust live chat on multiple websites while tracking, monitoring and handling chats simultaneously.

  •  Setup for multiple websites
  •  Multiple agents and departments
  •  Virtual chat assistant
  •  Support WordPress and Social Media sites
  •  Auto-capture e-mail IDs of customers
  •  Automated greeting messages and canned responses
  •  Upsell, downsell and cross-sell option
  •  24/7 online support

4) Pure Chat

Pure chat is free to live chat software that integrates set of features to engage leads and actively address your visitors concerns on the website.

Like most of the chat applications, Pure Chat is fast, reliable and secure with easily customizable options, security roles, and trigger-based actions for better user experience.

  •  Integrate with zapier, Google Analytics, Hubspot, etc.
  •  Quick installation on WordPress, Shopify, GoDaddy, etc.
  •  Connect with real-time visitors with visitor analytics
  •  Engagement hub lets you choose from live chat, e-mail, phone, Facebook, etc.
  •  Works on mobile, desktop and laptop
  •  Proactive chats with your customers
  •  Lots of customizable options
  •  Add security roles for admins, operators, and users

5) WebsiteAlive
WebsiteAlive is a power-packed live chat platform that is designed to drive sales and customer with various tools and services. Its customizable features create a seamless online experience for your customers.

WebsiteAlive live chat offers proactive chat, tracking and monitoring visitors on the website, and handling multiple live chats simultaneously, making it a great choice for any business.

  •  User-friendly chat interface
  •  Internal Operator Chat with easy screen sharing and chat transfer option.
  •  Multiple departments to assign right agents.
  •  24/7 live chat agents available
  •  Click to call option
  •  Integrate live chat into Facebook and Twitter
  •  Real-time e-mail and mobile chat notifications
  •  Provides instant visitor insights on your website


There are lots of live chat software’s on the market, but it’s difficult to review all of them. But with above live chat software’s can be used for several purposes, viz., for generating leads, helping online customers convert, or for after sales and customer support activities. Never miss a customer on your website.

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