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International SEO checklist for your business

We all know how SEO can be helpful for your business website regarding digital marketing. SEO (search engine optimization) is still the bedrock for your website online presence and branding and help you reach targeted audience. But if you want to expand your business globally and reach an international audience, then international SEO checklist comes into existence to gain visibility in the global market.

International search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website so that web crawlers can easily identify the countries you want to reach. Using the preferred keywords, it helps you rank your website for the
targeted country. With International SEO checklist, you can use local language for running a website and target multiple countries.

There are certain processes to start an international SEO checklist here:

1) Research your international SEO potential

Doing a complete analysis and identifying the possibilities help you set a target. Check for the countries and languages providing organic search visibility, look for relevant keywords, conversion rate and volume, etc. can be
very helpful to go international markets. You can collect the data using the SEO tools like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Keyword Planner and Competitor analysis tools.

2) Identify your online target audience

Target your global audience in multiple countries and languages for web crawling, indexing and ranking your site. CcTLD’s or Country code top level domain is a domain name used for targeting a particular country by changing the structure of your website URL.

For example: – for the United Kingdom, .fr for France and so on.

3) Localized your website

Making your site content and structure localized gets comfortable for search engines to crawl and index the pages. Optimize your page structure like URL, title and meta description, menu and navigation elements, headings, images, etc.

4) Make your website searchable and accessible

Secure site navigation makes it easy for the visitor to get the information they need. You can track their IP address and identify the language via browser settings. Using the right language code and annotation (HTML Lang, content language meta tags and HTTP readers) help the search engines to make it accessible for various users.

5) Localized keyword research

Keyword research should be specific to your product or service for promoting in targeted foreign countries. Doing competitor’s research for keywords and contents helps gain your website popularity among the international users. You can use social crawly tics to find your competitors most shared or promoted content and also monitor the social sharing metrics. While Followerwonk helps you connect with new influencers and can share reports.

6) CMS (content management system) platform

There is list of open source, and tailor made CMS provider that target the users in different countries or locations. Open source CMS like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are very responsive, and its plug-ins are available for multiple languages and locations. You can modify the website structure, localization, hreflang, etc., to target a particular country. Whereas tailor made CMS supports non-ASCII websites in languages like Arabic, Chinese, Korean and more with specific payment options.

7) Geolocate for country targeting

Using the Geotargeting option mainly informs the search engines that you want your site’s visibility on SERPs (search engine results pages) for that particular country. To Geolocate for a particular country, you can modify the website structure, use the Geotargeting option of the main search engines webmaster tools and specify the target country. Moreover, you can also use that particular country IP address to host your site.


International SEO is fundamental for a successful business that wants to exchange their items or services online on an international market. On the off chance, if you are confronting some problems that block your progress in your industry, you can contact BOOSTrust in NJ for guidance and support.

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