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Virtual IVR PBX Phone System. IVR Solution Providers

Build Customer Trust with IVR phone services, VoIP IVR applications and hosted IVR PBX solutions to Aid Your Customer Solution.

Winning customers is one of the goals of a company. However, competition is fierce. Smaller companies often find difficulties in competing with bigger ones, not only in the capital or market share but even in other business aspects such as customer service. While larger companies can hire full-time employees to accept calls from customers, smaller companies cannot. However, the customer is a customer. They have a problem, they need you to solve it, and they need information about it.

Win their trust. The key to customer service is trust.

Build trust the moment you come in contact with your clients. If your business is brick-and-mortar, the communication happens as your shop assistant greets your customers.

However, if your business is click-and- mortar or click-and-order, the contact is limited as your clients usually will browse without assistance. If their search doesn’t satisfy them, it is too easy for them to close the website and look for another.

IVR VoIP Will Create that Contact for You

Intellogue will set up a Call Button on your website that will enable your customer to call you directly from their browser. The call is possible to make because it uses VoIP instead of landlines or satellite. VoIP is short of Voice over Internet Protocol.

VoIP is a series of hardware and software that enables people to use the internet as the medium for telephone calls instead of the standard landlines or satellite. The voice is transmitted as a data packet using IP. It is a phone call via the internet.

With VoIP, you will be able to receive this call on your mobile phone, landline or the internet. You will also get information about the geographic location of the caller – therefore enable you to map your customers – as well as the pages they are browsing.

When customers call, you will be able to receive it, listen to their questions and answer them. This is your point of contact with the customers. This connection will give the user a better shopping experience and wider information than if they are only browsing the website.

If your company has more than one department that often has contact with the customers, then Intellogue has a feature that can direct the callers to the best department by choice. This feature’s name is IVR. IVR is short of Interactive Voice Response. With this feature, when your customers call your number, (or using the Call Button), they will receive a personalized response. The example is below.

“Welcome to XYZ Company. We will assist you with your problem…”

After that, the instruction such as below will follow.

“Dial 1 to connect to the marketing department
Dial 2 to connect to general affair department
Dial 3 to talk directly to an operator.”

Of course, you can tailor the script according to your company’s need.

In short, IVR is a system of automated phone answering that will make sure your customers to get the response from the best person in the company to answer their problem. When the customers get answers to their questions accurately and immediately, they will build the trust with your business.

Aside from the automation, the calls are also recorded into the cloud-based IVR PBX system.

You can get access to the record any time you want by logging to your cloud account. Speech recognition technology is also available to offer better experience both for your customers and your employees.

More Efficient with Hosted PBX IVR Phone Services

If you have multiple departments, then you will need multiple extensions of a phone for your employees. To save cost and to have a simpler phone system, PBX, which is short of Private Branch Exchange. In PBX, all of the phone extensions are connected internally within one enterprise system instead of separately connected to external phone lines.

In addition to PBX, we can set up other basic phone functions as well. Some of them are voicemail, call waiting, call monitoring, conference call, call forwarding on busy and no answer, call routing, call queuing, automated attendant, phone directory, and user extensions.

What Will You Get from Intellogue IVR Phone Services?

  • Web-based IVR phone services
  • Text-to-speech conversion software
  • Multi-level IVR technology
  • Easy mobility
  • Live analytics and dashboards
  • Auto-attendant & dial-by-name directory
  • Call forwarding, screening and more

All of them in $5

The system sounds advanced and complicated. Well, it is. But, it doesn’t mean that it’s not affordable. Intellogue offers you the best IVR phone services and hosted PBX IVR solutions for your company with reasonable price. We provide our service at $5/month, with benefits including:

  1. Professional staff that will attend and support the calls
  2. Automatic recording of the calls that can be accessed anytime anywhere
  3. Data of the call, such as time, place and length are available
  4. Affordable cost for extensive benefits
  5. Better customer experience
  6. Better customer awareness
  7. Better customer engagement
  8. Handle high call volume
  9. Call routing service
  10. Virtual phone system reviews

On top of that, we charge no set up fee. You can immediately get your service right after set up, without no need to pay first. Time is vital in business. Investing in better service that can improve your customer experience and engagement is better done sooner than later.

Furthermore, we offer you several extra benefits if you register today:

  1. Free trial period
  2. Free set up cost
  3. Free technical support

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