Now It’s Easy to Track Other People with Google Maps Location Monitoring Tool

Where are you now?” and “What’s your ETA (estimated time arrival)?” Whether you’re heading off to a gathering or getting together for supper, you regularly confront these sorts of inquiries from family and companions. What’s more, Google Maps helps you answer those questions in only a couple taps, while never leaving the application.

Google Maps has announced a new feature called location monitoring where you can track and monitor the other people’s site. Now you can easily track your friends and family member movements with Google’s latest digital mapping service. Google map is a Google’s property released to provide the geographical regions and sites around the globe.

The new free real-time location sharing feature is a successful update for Google Maps mobile app that can be installed on several smartphones (Android and iOS) and also available for desktops or laptop users. Google maps will let you tell your friends about the location and give them a proper direction. You can also choose a special friend to share your location with long-term.

Google trusts the new location sharing tool will be a more suitable path for individuals to tell somebody where they are without having to call them or text them. You can setup the option and choose with whom you want to share the whereabouts and for to what extent from any location in the world.

According to research, 40% of mobile app users are concerned to share their location50% of users are worried about privacy, while 23% don’t see any value in sharing their location and 19% believe it drains their batteries.

Location Monitoring

Location monitoring will likewise permit the clients to share their location from the navigation screen. It will stop sharing immediately after the excursion arrives at an end. Location sharing is gaining its popularity worldwide as you could know the exact location of your friends, family members, and children’s, etc.

The location sharing feature also helps the people find each other in crowded places, such as concerts and conferencesroute planner offers directions to drivers, bikers or the walkers for a particular location, provide images of the area and more. Users can share their real-time location with anyone and can see the exact location of others on any devices including Android, iPhone, mobile web, and desktop too.

There are similar tracking tools available on other Android apps like Glympse, which is a free and faster way of sharing real-time location using GPS tracking. Likewise, there is a tracking option called “Find My Friends” offered by Apple is used on iPhone, iPad, and Watch.

Google maps location monitoring tool is responsive and easy to use as the options are available for everyone to turn it on in a single tap and also choose who can monitor them.

Track peoples in a single tap on your Smartphone

When you’re sharing your location, the people you’ve decided to share with will see you on their map. And you’ll see an icon above the compass on your map reminding you that you’re actively sharing your location. You can change your mind and stop sharing at any time—it’s entirely up to you.

You can quickly activate the location sharing feature with a single tap near the search bar and choose a person from their contact list for sending a message. You can text them a link with your messenger apps to open the location if they don’t have Google Maps app on their phone.

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