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What is Online Marketing Sales Funnel?

Much like any marketing program, having an effective Sales Funnel is the key to conversion and retention of customers in Online Marketing. The technology can make this activity ultra efficient from marketing campaign creation to ultimate conversion of clients. This is must for every online business to create sales funnel that converts the website visitors into leads. By using the sales funnel, and by measuring the number of prospects at every step, you can get the idea of future sales and conversions that will happen. The online marketing sales funnel process starts from awareness of your brand, then converting your visitor and finally a buying customer. But the bottom-line is that if you perform online sales or market for online leads, you have a sales funnel that can help you:

Sales Funnel Management Process

The sales funnel or pipeline provides the method to sales professionals for approaching their sales activity in their business. Effective sales funnel management allows a company to increase their productivity while reducing the expenses.

Sales funnel management process also facilitates to track and gather relevant data, as defined in stages and levels within the funnel. You can easily track a prospect’s progress, identify their problems or issues, and quickly resolve to create a better relationship.

The sales funnel management process visually describes the sales process from the initial lead to closing the sale. You can afford sales metrics to manage the sales funnel that would be appropriate for your business that would give you a proper view of your whole marketing process. You can even create your sales funnel including the concrete steps and actions to move your prospects from step to step.

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Stages in a Sales Funnel Management process include

Identify and develop a list of potential clients from mail lists, sales records, databases or online surveys, etc., that are willing to buy your product or services.
Make your brand visible, relevant and unique by analyzing the audience and doing a competitor’s research.
Develop and execute the product price by analyzing marketing activity and communicating with your ideal customers that will push your revenue.
Get the insights to your clients and create a relationship will help you increase sales conversion ratio.

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