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Boost Your Revenue up to 70% With Social Media Marketing

BOOSTrust Social Media Agency, New Jersey helps to grow your social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube Instagram and more!

Social media is the most quickly evolving online marketing strategy these days, and also an integral part of the social media marketing companies. Maintaining social media presence and engaging the online audience on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ has become a must for every marketer to boost up their business.

Do you know more than 84% B2B marketers use social media? Or that 93%of the buying decisions are influenced by social media in some form? As an effective marketing tool, social media marketing will help you:

  • Get links
  • Increase brand awareness
  • More inbound traffic
  • Improve search engine rankings
  • Build relationship with customers
  • Gain marketplace insights


Social Media Management Process: Connect with Audience and Grow Your Business

Our Social media services will bring in front of the right audience and help you join the conversations about brands, products, and services on various social media sites. Social media advertising management, social media content creation, and social media optimization are all the part of our marketing processes that will expand your customer

Moreover, we will build & optimize social media campaigns, create social media profiles, implement a strategy for social sharing of images, videos, and contents for better marketing purposes.

Want to give a boost to your Revenue on Investment? Ensure your social media presence. Need support and solutions? You can turn to us, BOOSTrust, digital marketing agency in New Jersey provide Social media marketing services to engage the online audience, increase leads and boost sales. If you don’t delve into the vast ocean of social media, you are losing your ground in your social media marketing because your competitors are right there.

Depending on the type of your business and customer behavior, you can opt for all or any of the social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. We will assure you higher online conversion rate at a lower cost on customer acquisition.

What We Do In Social Media Marketing
Profile Creation: Create new social media accounts on Facebook, Google+ Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest to work.
Developing Plan: We will develop an action plan in social media platforms getting quality likes, shares, and comments, ads for posts, pages, and groups.

Developing Content Strategy: We will develop a perfect content strategy for your Social media marketing by researching, analyzing and adding attractive lines of text to engage the right audience.

Promoting and Optimizing: We promote your site by creating a new group, sharing with other groups, promoting pages and posts and viral posting through a network of social media platforms to know about your products and services.

Social Media to Improve your SEO
Social media contribute a lot to SEO by creating back links and establishing your online presence. Your company’s social signals are crucial in the eyes of Google and Bing in Search Engine and also credibility.

Social Media branding and Setup
We will visualize your specific needs and then determine appropriate social media strategies which include setting up of accounts, brand profiles, images, and timelines.

We also implement on-site badges which link your website and blogs to your social media accounts.

Competitive Analysis
We keep watch on your competitors and let you know about each and every movement of them on various social media platforms. Then we come up with beating competitive actions to give you an edge.

Deliver Results: Get a detailed report about page likes, people engagement, post reach, Page and Tab Visits and the number of posts through social media platforms at the end of every week.

Need Help?
Need help to find out the platform tailored to your industry? There are more than 200 industry specific Social Media platforms worldwide. Contact for professional guidance and support.

Don't risk your business disappearing into the abyss that is the internet. Let BOOSTrust showcase you and boost your business to the top!

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