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Top 7 Tactics for Content Distribution to Boost Traffic & Increase Revenue

Content is king, and great content is crucial for a business website there’s no denying this. But getting this content in front of the right and targeted audiences is what will make a successful marketing.

Content distribution is an essential part of the digital marketing industry, and several B2B brands are increasing the production of content to improve their marketing strategy. B2B marketers are using content for something beyond engagement and thought leadership. “According to a survey found 96% of marketers identifying content distribution as a core part of their marketing strategy.

Content is asserting some authority as a lead generation, conversion, and evenmarketers will use content to grow their business. But content is valueless without distribution and promotion, and it can’t deliver ROI. So, marketers must ensure their content reaches the right audience using various content distribution channels. Smart
distribution is the key for every marketer not only to boost website traffic but increase revenue.

 Content distribution in marketing today

Content distribution refers to any means used by brands to serve the content to large and targeted audiences worldwide. Simply writing an eBook blog post or producing a video content is the start of a business but not the path to content marketing success.The next step is to optimize your content and a place to distribute it on various channels.
According to Mashable, 100,000 tweets are shared, 347 website blog posts are published, 48 hours of YouTube videos are uploaded, and 571 websites are launched to the world-wide-web every minute of every day (continues to grow year on year)”.
Several content distribution platforms are increasing by the day, but can be categorized into three categories are: –

  • Paid media (ads, AdWords and promoted posts in social media)
  • Owned media (blogs, website, newsletter, and social media pages)
  • Earned media (social media shares, guest posts, media coverage, and product reviews)

Effective content distribution is essential to the digital marketing campaign success and using the right keywords and links for search engine optimization (SEO) will give better results.




Establish and Engage With a Strong Content Distribution Strategy

You can gain exposure and visibility by distributing your content online which will boost your business regarding followers, opportunities, and credibility. If your main motive is to deliver the content to a large audience who will find it valuable and drive marketing goals, you should be proactive with your content distribution objectives.
Continie tor esearch about the audience and create compelling content that will make them buy your product, interact with content, or sign up for your newsletter, etc. After defining your audience and goals, choose the content distribution methods that best fit your organization to connect with a large audience.

Here are seven content distribution tactics you can use to get your website noticed and increased revenue: –

1) Email Marketing
Email marketing is considered as the most important part of marketing strategy for content distribution. It allows you to deliver the content to those people who already are connected with your brand and also target the new customers.
You can use email to deliver company news and product updates to your customers, create infographics, and even send a newsletter that will increase more visitors. Mailchimp is a popular email marketing tool that can be used to create mail lists, send personalized emails, build subscription pages, etc.

2) Blog Posts
Blog posting is one of the most popular ways to reach a new audience by distributing content on other websites. It helps to increase your brand awareness, build backlinks to your websites, generate traffic and drive-in potential leads.
You can get the list of popular websites with your target audience and publish great content to attract new visitors to your blog. ShoutMeLoud, Problogger, Dailyblogtips are some of the blogging sites where you can publish and distribute your content.

3) LinkedIn Advertising
If you are a B2B company, LinkedIn advertising is the only way to pay for content distribution. LinkedIn ad targeting options can target the audience by job title, location, gender, age and company, where you can distribute content and follow them.LinkedIn ad targeting can be accomplished using Display Ads (creating an ad with text, images, or video) and Sponsored Posts (paying money for your published content).
Setup a campaign and spend according to your budget for sponsoring each piece of your content.

4) Search Engine Optimization
SEO is nothing without content and words, articles, substance, keywords, verbiage, etc. Building an SEO strategy can help you distribute your content effectively via the search engines and increase SERPs.
The main goal of any SEO strategy is to generate traffic and get high rankings for a website. If you are looking for organic SEO successes, then get some content ideas with established search demand, do some keyword research and write great content.

5) Webinars
Webinars are all about demand generation that is more than a top content distributing channel, proven for the marketers to attract, engage and convert their audiences into customers. It helps the marketers to learn more about the audience interests and publish content according to that.
During the webinar continue to share links to your landing page through social media and email, engage your audience in real-time by tweets, making presentations with screenshots, etc., to publish on your blog or website.

6) Podcasts
Podcasts are another way to deliver content by planning and developing a blog post or paid content in audio file format. Podcast provides a passive means (audio, video or graphics) for the listener to digest the content and engage them.
Prepare to launch your first piece of audio content and engage your target market with podcasts. Publishing and distributing your podcast on platforms such as iTunes and Stitcher, and expose your content to lots of potential listeners for free.

7) Sales Enablement
Sales enablement plays a significant role in the small or big organization for powering the content distribution and management on Internet. The marketing team, or a dedicated sales enablement team, or sales team members in an organization are involved in activities and deliverables to empower sales.For any content publishers, a single repository having all the content makes it easier to manage, track, version control and map the content to the buyer journey process.



There’s not a single best way to approach content distribution, but knowing your audience, influencers and the channels or media are mandatory for every marketer. Planning for content promotion and distribution also helps to ensure that your messaging is consistent across various channels, producing better experiences for your audience.



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